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Insight in your applications

To run your business well, knowing your software is vital. Your company’s countless functional needs, changing legal requirements and the relentless pace of digital innovation call for constant modernization and adaptation of complex software applications. Neperia helps you face this challenge, taking the secrets of your software out of the source code and putting them at your fingertips.

Neperia helps customers build an accessible and durable repository of knowledge, powered by our KPS product. Analyzing the source code of all your enterprise’s applications, we generate a detailed technical-functional map of your software landscape. The resulting information is readily available to help you make better business decisions.

The deliverables of knowledge rebuilding

Through the KPS portal we offer:
At-a-glance summary of your software quality in terms of volume, health, measurement and recommendations
Intuitive, graphical navigation of all functional and technical information
Online access to your application’s functional and technical documentation, exportable in MS Format
An advanced search interface to facilitate searching the application code

How we do it?

Neperia Group relies on the expertise of its team, specialized in projects of knowledge rebuilding, and follows a tried-and-true process for the use of SEA Manager & KPS: