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Outsourcing, Made in Italy

Nearshoring is an attractive alternative to traditional offshore outsourcing. Providing many of the benefits of the latter, it externalizes part of your IT services to a region that is close to you in terms of geography, language, culture and time zone.

Neperia Group Nearshore (NGN) is entirely Made in Italy, as our development centers are located in Rome and the Sicilian cities of Ragusa and Catania. Our management and development teams at these centers are qualified in all commonly used technologies, platforms and frameworks:
mainframe technologies, such as Cobol, CICS, DB2, IMS and DL/I;
open technologies, such as Java, .Net, PHP, Framework Angular JS, Spring;
mobile technologies, such as Android and iOS.

Our strengths

Outstanding care for customer needs
Quick availability of highly qualified staff
Immediate training on new technologies to keep our professionals up-to-date
Swift responses to even the most complex of customer requests
Highly competitive rates

Neperia Group’s nearshore model

Neperia Group, thanks to its decade-long experience in remote development, provides its customers with proven processes, methods and technologies:
We have an average start-up time of 10 days, thanks to carefully planned and structured acquisition, allocation and training processes.
At the beginning of each project, we station one of our specialists at the customer’s office. This helps us to quickly acquire technical and functional information, simplify the project’s start-up phase and guarantee the quality of our services.
We guarantee high-quality project governance, using international project management standards (PMP, Prince2, Agile PM etc.) tailored to the project size and complexity. And our specialized project managers ensure that even the most complex projects are managed effectively and efficiently.
We use our powerful SEA and KPS software suites to quickly build and share technical/functional documentation of the customer’s systems.
We collaborate with the customer in real time, using video-conferencing, collaboration tools and ticketing system for support.

Nearshoring project types

Neperia Group provides the following nearshoring services:

Software Development

Software application prototyping, including interactive mock-ups and wireframes to illustrate features and design of the application
Custom software development, tailored to the customer’s needs
Bug fixing for third party software

Testing Services

- Test case design and execution

Assistance & Maintenance Services (AM)

Incident management
Monitoring and control
Improvement management
Service management