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Read Neperia Group’s FAQs

1. Who is Neperia Group?

We are an ICT company, with offices in Rome, Ragusa, Catania and we operate in Italy, France and Spain, as a company specialised in software analysis and the creation of digital solutions. Our main customers are banks, insurance companies, industry and public administration. Discover more here.

What services does Neperia Group offer?

We offer the following services: Knowledge rebuilding, impact analysis, technological upgrade, application maintenance and web application creation. Discover more about our services hereand about our development methodologies here.

What are the main advantages of using SEA?

Sea Manager is a complex and layered software analyser created entirely by our team. It allows you to analyse the source code of software applications in the Mainframe and Open environments, allowing you to create a clear and precise technical-functional map of the applications being analysed. Discover more here!

What are the main advantages of using KPS?

KPS is the Knowledge Rebuilding web portal that allows you to view all the information in your software through intuitive dashboards. Discover more!

Do you develop customised software?

Of course! Find out more about our Nearshore by clicking here. If you want to request a consultation, click here.

I would like to make changes to the software that I have but which was developed by another company. Is this possible?

a) Of course. Contact us to find out more.

Do you test software developed by another company?

Of course, our highly specialized team will be happy to assist you. Click on our Test Factory or Contact us to find out more.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can request a consultation here or write an email to

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