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Sea Manager

Software application analyzer for documentation, porting and reengineering

The Software Environment Analyzer or SEA Manager is an extremely powerful software analysis tool, that gives a 360-degree view of every application in your company. SEA Manager is the cornerstone of many of Neperia’s services, providing our customers with countless possibilities to know, manage and improve their software. Combined with KPS Portal, Neperia’s software insight portal, it gives you unprecedented control over every piece of software your business relies on.

Fast, complete, objective

SEA Manager works completely automatically, ensuring fast, complete and objective information. The insight it offers greatly helps reducing the duration, costs and risks of knowledge rebuilding, migration, porting and re-engineering projects.

What can SEA Manager do for you?

No matter the complexity of your software, Neperia’s SEA Manager offers countless advantages:
It maps the logical structure of your different software suites, providing unprecedented insight in you company’s application landscape, and simplifying code maintenance.
It generates functional and technical documentation in MS Office formats and using graphic visualizations, customized to meet the needs of the customer.
It allows you to repeat analyses as many times as necessary, providing up-to-date information at every moment.

SEA Manager is also able to handle software migration, porting and reengineering projects, identifying risks and opportunities and automatically rewriting the source code into the target programming language.

What technologies and languages can SEA Manager work with?




Application Migration Projects

75% Saving

Application Modernization Projects

70% Saving