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FAQ for candidates

What skills are you looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with an interest in learning, a willingness to travel and an ability to work in a team.
Knowledge of English and other languages is preferred.

Are you only looking for people with technical / IT skills?

  1. We would like Analysts Web programmers but also recent graduates and undergraduates in the IT field.
  2. We also employ candidates with non-technical and managerial profiles for our management positions such as project manager, international relationship manager etc.

Do you have a formal selection process? How are candidates selected?

Apply via the “Work with us” section, attaching your CV and you will be contacted by our HR department for an initial call.

Do I need work experience to apply / work with you?

Do I need work experience to apply / work with you?

Are there any age limits to start working with you?

Absolutely not. Age is not important. Our values ??are based on other criteria.

If the Neperia workplace is a long way from where I live, is there any assistance for employees?

Of course, we offer the possibility of using corporate accommodation.

What is the working atmosphere like at NG? What are the corporate values of NG?

We have a dynamic, stimulating and innovation-oriented working environment, with ongoing technical and professional training.

Can I apply for more than one workplace?

Of course, if successful, we would evaluate together which is the most suitable location for you to work with us

Can I send my CV at any time?

Then, we suggest you pay attention to your incoming calls. If we are interested, we often want to get to know candidates by phone.

How can I apply?

You can apply on the appropriate Work with us section on our website.

We are constantly looking for new talent.